- Freshmans Vintage offers a curated collection of second-hand designer vintage products inspired by the iconic artist, Keith Haring. Our Keith Haring collection showcases unique and authentic pieces that capture Haring's vibrant and playful style. From clothing to accessories, each item in our collection is hand-picked to ensure the highest quality and authenticity. Whether you're a fan of Haring's iconic figures or simply appreciate his artistic vision, our Keith Haring collection is a must-visit for any fashion enthusiast. Explore our selection today and add a touch of Haring's artistry to your wardrobe.

Keith Haring is a renowned vintage designer brand that captures the spirit of the vibrant and dynamic 1980s art scene. Inspired by street art and pop culture, Haring's iconic designs feature bold, colourful graphics that exude energy and creativity. His distinctive style, characterised by playful figures and bold lines, has become synonymous with urban art and activism. With a range of products including apparel, accessories, and home decor, Keith Haring brings his unique artistic vision to life, allowing fashion enthusiasts to express their individuality and embrace the spirit of the era.

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